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Come and Celebrate the Foundation's
35th Anniversary with us!

Annual Board Meeting
Thursday, June 30, 2016
11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Learn about philanthropy at the annual AFUSA board meeting! Everyone is invited!

Board of Trustees in Session

Donor Appreciation Hour
Thursday, June 30, 2016
3:30 to 5:30 PM

Join us for wine and cheese and fun as we toast our donors at the 3rd Donor Appreciation Hour! Event Program

Thanks to our Donors!

Support the Wilmer G. Heceta
333 Endowment Fund

1st Heceta Memorial Lecture

The Heceta Endowment Fund seeks to raise at least $1 million in donations from alumni and the public to fund charitable programs at UERMMMC in perpetuity. How it works is that only proceeds from the fund’s investments maybe used for such programs. To date, the foundation has raised $100,000 from 157 specific Heceta fund donors.

Help AFUSA achieve the worthy goal set by the late Dr. Wilmer Heceta who is an inspiration to us all. Your tax-deductible contributions (cash, check, credit card, stocks, bonds and bequests, etc.) are most welcome! Thank you! Download the 333 Donation Form* or Donate Online.

AFUSA Streamlines Operations

The Board of Trustees of the alumni foundation at its annual meeting in Plano, Texas last July approved a reorganization plan to bolster operational efficiency and focus. It reduced the number of standing committees from twelve to six and consolidated all project programs into one. Read more.

Film Project A Success

The foundation at last year’s alumni convention in Plano, Texas successfully held a film project showing two acclaimed independent films promoted by the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Cinemalaya initiative. Read more.

Alikpala Memorial Fund

Soon after the death of Dr. Simona C. Alikpala on May 11, 2007, a fund was started for a professorial chair in Pediatrics in her honor at the UERMMMC-MAAA, Inc. The goal set for this fund was $50,000. Through the years, over $15,000 was raised from family, friends and former pediatric residents at UERMMMC. Read more.

UERMMMC Alumni Foundation USA, Inc. was formed to give alumni, individuals and organizations a meaningful way to support the UERM Memorial Medical Center, the community it serves and our fellowmen. Through our supporters' generosity, our projects reflect the mission, values and success of our foundation. View all Donors.
3 Anonymous Donors
Abary, Alexander M.D.
Abaya, Patricia U. M.D.
Abaya, Raymond M.D.
Abbud, Rita M.D.
Abeleda, Lamberto M.D.
Abellera, Nilda Agnes A. M.D.
Abrena, Jose M.D.
Acosta, Asuncion A. M.D.
Acosta, Eduardo G. M.D.
Agrawal, Remedios C. M.D.
Aguila-Manalo, Marisa S. M.D.
Agustin-Seguritan, Eden M.D.
Alafriz, Manuel M.D.
Alcantara, Noel M.D.
Alcantara, Vicente M.D.
Alcid, Cesar V.
Alcid, Feliza A.
Alday, M.D. Miguel and Victoria V.
Alderete-Chughtai, Zenaida M.D.
Aldover, Celia M.D.
Aldover, Ernesto M.D.
Alfafara, Ricardo M.D.
Aliga, Norman M.D.
Alikpala, Agnes M.D.
Alikpala, Edilberto G.
Alikpala-Ventura, Edna
Alikpala-Ward, Ethel
Alilin, Eleuterio Roger M.D.
Alindogan-Echols, Mina M.D.
Alipit, John M.D.
Alisago, Andres S. Jr. M.D.
Alumni Psychiatry Group
Alvarez, Johnny M.D.
Amaranto, Ernesto A. M.D.
Amayun, Clarence B. M.D.
Ames-Bobila, Deborah M.D.
Ancheta, Evangeline M.D.
Ancheta, Henry M.D.
Andrada, Teotima M.D.
Ang Saplan, Un Hun M.D.
Ang, Vincent P. and Milagros B.
Ansay, Marites Q. M.D.
Antolin-Cruz, Praxedes M.D.
Antonio, Celso S.
Antonio, Matilda G.
Apostol, Wilfredo M.D.
Aqui, Prudencio M.D.
Aragones, Peter M.D.
Arayata, Ricardo M.D.
Arellano-Cabusao, Emma M.D.
Arguelles, Enrico and Martha M.D.
Arias, Emerlinda P.
Arreola, Susan Carol M.D.
Arriola, Ermelinda M.D.
Arzadon, Glenn K. M.D.
Asuncion, Merlyn M.D.
Avecilla, Constante S. M.D.
Avila, Oscar, DBA
Bacala, Agnes C. M.D.
Bacani, Roberto A. M.D.
Bacarra, Abraham
Bacarra, Zenaida
Bailon-Reyes, Neda M.D.
Balde, Edgardo M.D.
Baldomero, Roy M.D.
Ballon-Reyes, Neda M.D.
Baltazar, Arturo E. M.D.
Bangayan, Norberto M.D.
Bangayan, Ofelia
Banzon, Jose M.D.
Barcinas, Gaspar M.D.
Barnachea, Edith B.
Barnachea, Ricardo
Barnachea-Casibang, lsabelita M.D.
Basco, Evelyn G. M.D.
Bascug, Oscar G.
Bascug, Yvonne L. M.D.
Basella-Zeidenberg, Eddy M.D.
Battad, Clementina M.D.
Battad, Orson M.D.
Bautista, Constancio M.D.
Bautista, Fe M.D.
Baylon, Juanito M.D.
Baylon, Juanito and Laura M.D.
Baylon, Laura M.D.
Bañez, Conrado T. M.D.
Bañez, Edgar C. M.D.
Bañez, Edgar M.D.
Belandres, Lambert M.D.
Biag, Marita Barlhan M.D.
Biagtan, Adelina C. M.D.
Biagtan, Jesus S. M.D.
Bias, Lourdes M.D.
Bias, Manuel M.D.
Bobila, Alexis M.D.
Bobila, Deborah M.D.
Bocar, Nelson D. M.D.
Bravo, Emmanuel L. M.D.
Buena, Felicitas M.D.
Buena, Nardo B. M.D.
Buenvenida, Delia F. M.D.
Buenvenida, Rene P. M.D.
Burgos, Francis M.D.
Cabaero, Polihimnia B.
Cabansag, Vicente D. M.D.
Cagande, Evasio M.D.
Cagande, Veneranda
Caguiat, Juanito M.D.
Caguiat, Lilia M.D.
Caldwell, Adeliza Cruz M.D.
Caligtan, Cesar
Caligtan, Emma
Calong, Rosel H M.D.
Calud-Baldomero, Anita M.D.
Camacho, Victoria M.D.
Camara, Miguel M.D.
Cambare, Ronel
Cambare-Piga, Nena Flor M.D.
Canarias-Fuentes, Gwen M.D.
Capozzi, Teresita M.D.
Carandang-Magerl, Amerilda M.D.
Caraos, Conrado M.D.
Carbonell, Hector D.V.M.
Carbonell, Vicente M.D.
Carin, Anavel O. M.D.
Carino, Vincent B.
Cariño, Aurora L. M.D.
Carpio, Gregorio M.D.
Carungay, Felicidad F. M.D.
Casibang, Isabelita "Vickie" B. M.D.
Casibang, Vincent M.D.
Castillo-Caraos, Perla M.D.
Castor, Perla M.D.
Castrence, Elsie C. M.D.
Castro, Amuerfina T.
Castro, El B. M.D. and Family
Cauilan-Pagmanua, Cynthia M.D.
Cay, Niluardo M.D.
Cervantes, Jose Jr. M.D.
Ching, Florencio M.D.
Chioco, Jose M.D.
Chua, Ernesto M.D.
Chua, Jose Jr. M.D.
Chugtai, Zenaida A. M.D.
Cinco, Annie M.D.
Clancy, Michele M. M.D.
Clancy, Thomas V. M.D.
Class 1961
Class 1962
Class 1963
Class 1964
Class 1965
Class 1966
Class 1967
Class 1968
Class 1970
Class 1971
Class 1972
Class 1973
Class 1974
Class 1975
Class 1977
Class 1979
Class 1980
Class 1982
Class 1988
Claudio, Manuel M.D.
Co, Gerrie M.D.
Conanan, M.D. Mercedita
Conanan, Mercedita M.D.
Concepcion, Luzminda M.D.
Coronel, Remedios
Corpus Jr., Eduardo M.D.
Corpuz, Dolores A. M.D.
Cu, Camilo and Remedios M.D.
Cuartelon, Fidel and Asuncion
Cuatico, Agnes T. M.D.
Cunanan, Victoria M.D.
Cunanan, Wilfredo A and Hyna C.
Dajoyag-Mejia, Maria M.D.
Dancel, Rosario G. M.D.
Dassah, Norma B. M.D.
Datu, Gloria M.D.
Delapaz, James and Janice
Derenoncourt, Philomena M.D.
Dial, Freddie P. M.D.
Diaz, Antonio M.D.
Diaz, Cirilo M.D.
Diaz, Ilona
Diaz, Regina M.D.
Dinglasan, Loberna M.D.
Dinglasan, Roberto M.D.
Diose, Alberto De M.D.
Doctor-Jose, Nora M.D.
Dolores, Rivera M.D.
Dona, Samuel M. M.D.
Doufas, Anthony M.D.
Doufas, Georgia M.D.
Dr. Simona Alikpala Memorial Fund
Dr. Winifredo Tobias Memorial Fund
Dumbrigue, Herman D.M.D. and Marianne D.M.D.
Duterte, Ernesto S. M.D.
Dy, Victor C. M.D.
Eclarinal-Arambide, Zenaida M.D.
Elizaga, Fortunato M.D.
Elma, Bayani M.D.
Enriquez, Manuel M.D.
Escaro-Petrie, Tess M.D.
Escay, Jose Mari, M.D.
Espiritu, Roger F. M.D.
Esposo, Oriente M.D.
Estiva-Magsino, Marissa M.D.
Evangelista, Felix M.D.
Evangelista, Leah N. M.D.
Evangelista, Simplicio M.D.
Evidente, Ma. Rosario M.D.
Ezpeleta, Mariano Jr. M.D.
Fabello-Gamiao, M.D. Jacqueline and Michae
Felicitas, Patrick M.D. and Amelia M.D.
Fermo, Victor Jr., M.D.
Fernandez, Alfred M.D.
Fernandez, Ronaldo M.D.
Ferrer, Sonia C. M.D.
Figueroa, Samuel M.D. and Mirka
Flores, Renato M.D.
Flores-Claridad, Leticia M.D.
Fontecha, Ernesto L. M.D.
Frayna-Manlapaz, Christina M.D.
Frias-Gilo, Belen M.D.
Fried, Gabriel M.D.
Fuentes, Gwen C. M.D.
Gaddi-Herrera, Ma. Lourdes M.D.
Galang, Theresa M.D.
Galay, Antonio M.D.
Ganaden-Basco, Evelyn M.D.
Garcia, Fernando M.D.
Garcia, Melchor Jr. M.D.
Garfield, Janet M.
Garrison, Anita H.
Garrison, Richard N.
Gaudiel, Remo M.D.
Gavino, Wayne M.D.
Gaw, Albert M.D.
Gensolin, Norman M.D.
Gigliotti, Florence J.
Gigliotti, Jerome
Gilo, Belen Frias M.D.
Gilo, Elmer S. M.D.
Giron, Oscar S. M.D.
Glasgow, Mark L. M.D.
Gonzales, Jose M.D.
Gonzales, Reynaldo A. M.D.
Goodman, Stuart J. M.D.
Gotardo, Carlos M.D.
Goyce, Emelina A. M.D.
Gragasin, Ma. Elena M.D.
Greco, Benjamin J. M.D.
Guarin, Urbano G. M.D.
Gueco, Jose M.D.
Guerrero-Gavino, Conchita M.D.
Guia, Danton de M.D.
Guia, Jean Mosquito-de M.D.
Guzman, Vitali de M.D.
Guzmarr, Evangeline M.D.
Guzmarr, Valeriano M.D.
Hannan, Ahmad T. M.D.
Harb, Ghassan
Hardin, Amy M.D.
Hardin, Charles M.D.
Hartono-Rada, Dini M.D.
Heceta, Elizabeth M.D.
Heceta, Estherbelle M.D.
Heceta, Wilmer M.D.
Heceta-McArdle, W. Elgine
Heceta-West, Wuela Eireen
Heller, Jennifer O.
Herrera, Ma. Lourdes G. M.D.
Herrera, Zosimo M.D.
Hores, Renato M.D.
Howell, Albert
Hwang, A. Grace E. M.D.
Ibanez-Manlapaz, Irene M.D.
Idanan-Caguiat, Lilia M.D.
Ilano, Yolanda R. M.D.
Ilocano Society of America, Inc.
Ines, Mario B. M.D.
Ising, John L. Jr. M.D.
Ising, Suzanne O.
Ituriaga, Angeline Y. M.D.
Jacang, Amelia R. M.D.
Jacinto, Leticia G., M.D.
Jacinto-Cohan, Lydia M.D.
Jaucian, Glenn M.D.
Jaucian, Mary Ann
Javier, Evelyn
Javier, Percival
Jesus, Roman De M.D.
Jimenez, Manuel C. M.D.
Jimenez-Bago, Nelia M.D.
Jimenez-Windsor, Hedy M.D.
Kaiser, Gwendolyn M. R.N.
Kianmajd, Aurora B. M.D.
Kiok, Ferdinand M.D.
Koenig, Heidi M.D.
Kokseng, Chester M.D.
Kokseng, Ione Lara M.D.
Koo, Bon Sam
Koo, Cynthia E.
Krishnan, Erlinda C. M.D.
Kwong, Judy and Benedict
Largoza, Mendaro M. M.D.
Larracas, Cristina M.D.
Latorre, Nilda
Lavarro, Rizalina R. M.D.
Layaoen-Isaacson, Teofilita M.D.
Layug, Eduardo M.D.
Lazo, Rodolfo M.D.
Lee Jr., Salvador M.D.
Leon, Eliezer de M.D.
Leon, Jose De M.D.
Libre, Rosemary M.D.
Ligeralde, Antonio D.
Ligeralde, Rica Melanie D.
Ligon, Inocencio, M.D.
Lim, Allen Jr. M.D.
Lim, Cynthia
Lim, Frederick S. M.D.
Lising, Alexander M.D.
Lopez, Alfonso Jr. M.D.
Lopez, Cynthia M.
Losanes, Lou
Lu, Mary Lyn T. M.D.
Lucas, Lydia M.D.
Lucas, Rogelio M.D.
Lumicao, Benjamin M.D.
Lumicao, Generosa G. M.D.
Lumicao, Lorna M.D.
Lung Center, Inc
MAAA MarVaDC Chapter
MAAA Midwest Chapter
MAAA Northeast Chapter
MAAA Northern California Chapter
MAAA Southern California Chapter
Mac, Nelly Kuanying M.D.
Macaraeg, Anita M.D.
Macaraeg, Anthony M.D.
Magno, Fausto M.D.
Malalis, Leonardo M.D.
Malonzo, Aida A. M.D.
Manalang-Angeles, Thelma M.D.
Manalo, Alberto M.D.
Manalo, Bayani L.
Manalo, Ursula A.
Mangubat, Josefina M.D.
Mangunay, Danny M.D.
Mangunay, Nora M.D.
Maniago, Reynaldo G. M.D.
Maniago, Wilma Bontuyan M.D.
Manio, Clementina L. M.D.
Manyak, Michael M.D.
Marave, Jerome M.D.
Marfori, Gregorio M.D.
Marias, Darlos Las M.D.
Martelino, Daniel M.D.
Mayhay-Lopez, Cynthia M.D.
Mazloum, M.D. Hussein
McCourt, Christine G.
McCourt, James M.
Mediano, M.D. Wilfredo M.
Mempin, Abbelane L. M.D.
Mendieta, Jose Ma. M.D.
Mendoza, Rolando A. M.D.
Meneses, R. G. M.D.
Meneses, Reynaldo M.D.
Mercado, Sonia M.D.
Merced, Bernardo de la M.D.
Miguel, George M.D.
Miranda, Conrad, Jr. IV M.D.
Miranda, Elsa
Miranda, Larry M.D.
Miranda-Caturay, Epifania M.D.
Montoya, Ophelia S. M.D.
Montoya, Ruben E. M.D.
Morales, Augustin F.M.P. M.D.
Moran, Raul M.D.
Moran-Clancy, Michelle M.D.
Mosquito-de Guia, Jean M.D.
Movido-Dalida, Lilian M.D.
Munsayac, Adele T. M.D.
Murcia, Eva M.D.
Murillo, Imelda M.D.
Najjar, Mazzen M.D.
Narcisso-Hoffman, Marile M.D.
Natividad, Demetrio
Ngo, Ignacia M.D.
Nguyen, Yen
Nicodemus, Honorato
Nicodemus, Rosvida
Nicolas, Lilia M.D.
O'Yek, Victorio M.D.
Oandasan, Oscar M.D.
Obusan, Aida O. M.D.
Olegario, Alberta M.D.
Ollada, Miguel M. M.D.
Ong, De Kiam M.D.
Ong, Jimmy M.D.
Ong, Yao Cheng M.D.
Oreta, Concepcion Ilao M.D.
Ortaliz, Ramon L. M.D.
Ortega, Ben M.D.
Ortega-Flores, Myrna M.D.
Ougana, Luchi M.D.
PMA Southern California
Padilla, Eva S. M.D.
Padilla, Pedro M.D.
Pajares-Fernando, Rosario M.D.
Palacio, Alberto M.D.
Pangilinan, Nestor M.D.
Pantangco, Irineo Jr. M.D.
Paras, Claudette M.D.
Paras, Raymundo M.D.
Pasatiempo, Abner M.D.
Pasatiempo, Ana Maria M.D.
Pascual, Elizabeth S. M.D.
Pascual, Erlinda M.D.
Pascual, Rafael M.D.
Pascual, Reymond M.D.
Pavon, Evelyn P. M.D.
Pecson, Rene D. M.D.
Pedro, Benedicto San M.D.
Perez, Glenn M.D.
Perez-Suntay, Susan M.D.
Person, Carmel M.D.
Peñaranda-Alcober, Aloma M.D.
Philippine Medical Association S/E VA
Piga Primary Associates
Piga, Samuel A. M.D.
Pineda, Georgina M.D.
Poblete, Jesse M.D.
Pobre-So, Josephine M.D.
Ponce, Aida M.D.
Posa-Kane, Monina M.D.
Prudencio, Jose N. Jr. M.D.
Pua, Quirino M.D.
Puno, Rolando M.D.
Querubin, Renato M.D.
Qugana, Luchi Pernia M.D.
Quines, Emilio Jr., M.D.
Quines, Emilio P. M.D.
Quines, Felicisima D.
Quion, Nathlie M.D.
Quirino, Gregorio M.D.
Raagas-Aguila, Nimfa M.D.
Rabadam, Francisco M.D.
Radetich, Andrew J.
Radetich, Loreta P.
Ramboyong, Ayma V. and Orlando A.
Ramboyong, Evelyn D. and Roberto B.
Rastrollo, Joseph M.D.
Raymundo, Renato M.D.
Raymundo, Ricardo M.D.
Raymundo, Rosalinda M.D.
Raymundo, Susan M.D.
Raymundo, Susan R. M.D.
Real, Armando M.D.
Recano, Nelly S. M.D.
Recto, Allan M.D.
Reiter, Todd M.D.
Reloj, Noel M.D.
Remolona, Nathan and Helen M.D.
Retirado, Allen M.D.
Reyes, Gloria M.D.
Reyes, Raymond M. M.D.
Reyes, Ruby Carina E. M.D.
Riego, Filmore M.D.
Rigonan, Kathryn M.D.
Rigor, Benjamin Sr. M.D.
Risma, Russell M.D.
Roberts, Carmen Maria
Roble, David M.D.
Rodelas, Raul M.D.
Romero, Roberto M.D.
Ronquillo, Aida P. M.D.
Rosales, Mary Therese M.D.
Rouche, Dave M.D.
Rouche, Louise M.D.
Rullan, Ruben M.D.
Sabio, Arturo M.D.
Sabundayo, Rolendo M. M.D.
Salazar Ferrer, Estrella M.D.
Salazar, Edgardo M.D.
Salcedo, Pepito Y. M.D.
Salcedo, Zenarosa C.
Salomon, Jaime Jr. M.D.
Salumbides, Ramon M.D.
Sampang, Benjamin M. M.D.
San Juan, Severiano Jr. M.D.
San Pedro, Benedicto M.D.
Sanchez, Bonito M.D.
Sanchez, Edgar F. and Joan Marie R.
Sangalang-de Leon, Myrna M.D.
Santa Ana, Patrocinio P. M.D.
Santiago, John M.D.
Santiago, Mary Aileen M.D.
Santiago, Rose M.D.
Santiago, Sol M.D.
Santos, Teofila Malanum M.D.
Saplan, Un Han M.D.
Saturno-Recano, Nely M.D.
Savillo, Antonio M. M.D.
Seldera, Juanilito M.D.
Serranzana, Jaime M.D.
Sessoms, Deforest Y. M.D.
Sessoms, Nora U. M.D.
Shah, Dimple C. M.D.
Shah, Dipa
Siasoco, Ruben E. M.D.
Siasooo, Senen M.D.
Sidic, Josie Garcia M.D.
Sidiq, Josephina M.D.
Silvestre, Cynthia M.D.
Sineneng, Leda Laureta, M.D.
Sion, Rogelio M.D.
Sion, Rosario M.D.
Siy Hian, Bienvenido M.D.
Smith, Vera Ellen M.D.
So, Africa M.D.
So, Andrew M.D.
So-Torio, Africa M.D.
So-Wiltz, Leilani M.D.
Solitario, Edna M.D.
Soriano, Carlos C. M.D.
Soriano, Liberacion L. M.D.
Sotomil, Fran (PFK Family Foundation)
Sotomil, Pedro (PFK Family Foundation)
Spiegel, Allan M. M.D.
Sterna, David J. O.D.
Stewart, Michael Maj. Ret.
Stiles, Leizl
Suareze, Bonadelbert M.D.
Suguitan, Eden M.D.
Suguitan, Ernesto M.D.
Suguitan, Ernie B.S.N., R.N.
Sulit-Casuga, Marthi M.D.
Sumabat, Washington M.D.
Sunio-Sumabat, Ma. Luisa M.D.
Suntay, Susan P. M.D.
Sybing, Eugenio
Sybing, Melita M.D.
Syfu, Gloria S. M.D.
Syfu, Joselito L. M.D.
Tabion, Eslynn A.
Tabion, Napoleon C.
Tabora, Emmanuel M.D.
Tachibana, Mikio M.D.
Tadatada, Jeanne P. M.D.
Tagle, James S. M.D.
Talampas, Conrado M.D.
Tan Po, Divina M.D.
Tan Po, Giog Sing
Tan, Eulogio M.D.
Tan, Evangeline Co M.D.
Tan, Hiroshi M.D.
Tan, Lamberto M.D.
Tan, Marie Eunice R. M.D.
Tan-Gatue, Leonardo M.D.
Tanamachi, Venus B.
Tandoc, Jose R. M.D.
Tane, Lamberto M.D.
Tapnio, Rogelio A. M.D.
Thomas, Stephanie M.D.
Tina, Leticia U. M.D.
Tiongco-Sarmiento, Ida M.D.
Tiongko-Luesinger, Lesley M.D.
Toledo, Priscilla Mora M.D.
Tolentino-Mirasol, Isabel M.D.
Tomaneng, Edward M.D.
Tomkins, Earl
Tomkins, Susan
Torio, Rolando M.D.
Torres, Teresita G. M.D.
Trinidad, Salvador M.D.
Tupase, Manuel M.D.
Ty, William M.D.
UERM Sigma Beta Sorority
UERMMMC - Michigan Chapter
UERMMMC Alliance and Friends, Inc.
UERMMMC Dallas Convention Committee
UERMMMC Southern California, Inc.
UERMMMC- Michigan Chapter
Ulep, Diosdado E.
Ulep, Nerita
Urio, Mariza A. M.D.
Using. Alexander M.D.
Uy, Ligaya M.D.
Uy, Vicente M.D.
V.C. Ames Memorial Fund
VASSTEM Radiology Group
Valen, Freshnedie M.D.
Valencia, Christopher L. M.D.
Valencia, Rogelio M.D.
Valera, Remedios Mintu M.D.
Vasquez-Pua, Zenaida M.D.
Vega, Sofronio De La M.D.
Velasco, Erlinda Cate M.D.
Velasco, Romeo M.D.
Velasco, Rodolfo P. M.D.
Ves International Texas, Inc
Victor O'Yek, M.D.
Victorioso, Rebecca G. M.D.
Villalon-Harrington, Virginia M.D.
Villanueva, Linda C. M.D.
Vivero, Manuel M.D.
Wainwright, Josephine M.D.
Wainwright, Lowell M.D.
Watson, Dianne L. M.D.
Watson, Ronald C. D.C.
Webber, Edna Apole, M.D.
Weitzner, Phylis P. M.D.
Wiltz, Armand M.D.
Windsor, Hedy J. M.D.
Wong, Gemo M.D.
Wong, She Ling M.D.
Wrobel, Douglas
Wrobel, Karen
Ylagan Medical Corporation
Ynares-Genato, Cecilia M.D.
Yson, Angelino S. M.D.
Zaragoza, Rogelio S. M.D.
Zerrudo-Seldera, Joy M.D.
de Guia, Danton M.D.
de Guia, Jean M. M.D.
de Guzman, M.D. Franklin D.
de Guzman, Susan B.
de Guzman, Vitali H. M.D.
de Leon, Eliezer M.D.
de Leon, Jose M.D.
de Leon, Myrna S. M.D.
de la Cruz, Lamberto
de la Vega, Sofronio B. M.D.
Villanueva, Linda C. M.D.
Vivero, Manuel M.D.
Wainwright, Josephine M.D.
Wainwright, Lowell M.D.
Watson, Dianne L. M.D.
Watson, Ronald C. D.C.
Webber, Edna Apole, M.D.
Weitzner, Phylis P. M.D.
Wiltz, Armand M.D.
Windsor, Hedy J. M.D.
Windsor, Hedy J. M.D.
Wong, Gemo M.D.
Wong, She Ling M.D.
Wrobel, Douglas
Wrobel, Karen
Ylagan Medical Corporation
Ynares-Genato, Cecilia M.D.
Yson, Angelino S. M.D.
Zaragoza, Rogelio S. M.D.
Zerrudo-Seldera, Joy M.D.

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