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About the Foundation

NEW: AFUSA Streamlines Operations

The University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center Alumni Foundation USA, Inc. (UERMMMC-AFUSA) was created specifically to give alumni, individuals and organizations a significant, meaningful and organized way to support the UERM Memorial Medical Center, the community it serves and our fellow men. The foundation has carried out this noble task since its inception.

The foundation was founded and incorporated in 1981. It is an independent entity organized exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes. The IRS has determined that it is an organization exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3). It is treated by the IRS as a public charity and not as a private foundation. As such, contributions to the foundation are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Read frequently asked questions.

UERMMMC Alumni Foundation USA, Inc. is a registered member of the Non-Profit Coordinating Committee of New York.

Board Members

Board of Trustees with Chairmen Emeriti

AFUSA Streamlines Operations

The Board of Trustees of the alumni foundation at its annual meeting in Plano, Texas last July approved a reorganization plan to bolster operational efficiency and focus. It reduced the number of standing committees from twelve to six and consolidated all project programs into one (chart below). In addition, under the leadership of Dr. Isabelita “Vickie” B. Casibang who is serving her first term as chair, AFUSA has held frequent teleconferences that have facilitated decision-making. With help from President Dr. Elmer Gilo, she has also brought in younger alumni and non-alumni to serve as trustees and committee members. The management has also been exploring other fundraising options aimed at not just UERM alumni but also the general public. Thus, the successful staging of the First AFUSA Film Project in Texas last year and the Fundraising Committee led by Dr. Ned Valen generating new contributions to put the Heceta Endowment Fund to its first milestone of $100,000.

Organizational Chart

Executive Committee

Renato Querubin, M.D., Chairman
Isabelita B. Casibang, M.D., Co-Chairman
Dekiam Ong, M.D.
Elmer Gilo, M.D.
Roy Baldomero, M.D.
Ruby C. E. Reyes, M.D.
Ana Maria G. Pasatiempo, M.D.
Wilmer Heceta, M.D., Ex-Officio

Standing Committees

Susan Raymundo, M.D., Co-Chairman
Elmer Gilo, M.D., Co-Chairman
Roy Baldomero, M.D.
Ben Caturay
Orson Battad, M.D.
Dekiam Ong, M.D., Resource Person

Bob Moorjani, M.D., Chairman
Zosimo Herrera, M.D., Co-Chairman
Vincent O. Casibang, M.D.
Sam Dona, M.D.
Medgar Millan, M.D.
Luis Teopengco, M.D.
Adrian Velasquez, M.D.
Neda Ballon, M.D.
El Castro, M.D., Resource Person

Carlos Gotardo, M.D., Chairman
Belen Gilo, M.D., Co-Chairman
Rolando Mendoza, M.D.
Nimfa Raagas- Aguila, M.D.
Isabel Mirasol, M.D.
Reynaldo Gonzales, M.D.
Tessie Torres, M.D.
Anita Baldomero, M.D.
Lily Sia-Vargas, M.D., Liaison
Amuerfina Castro, R.N., Resource Person
Alfaretta Tan-Reyes, M.D., Ex-Officio

Felix Evangelista, M.D., Chairman
Belen Gilo, M.D., Co-Chairman
Danny Jimenez, M.D.
Epifania Caturay, M.D.
Neda Ballon-Reyes, M.D.
Tina Battad, M.D.
Tina Manio, M.D.
Ida Tiongco, M.D.,Resource Person
Andres Borromeo, M.D., Liaison
Renato L. Raymundo, M.D., Chairman
Jacqueline Fabello-Gamiao, M.D., Co-Chairman
Manuel Blas, M.D.
Neda Ballon-Reyes, M.D.
Mel Aquino, M.D.
Andres Borromeo, M.D., Liaison
Alfaretta Tan-Reyes, M.D., Ex-Officio

Ana Maria Pasatiempo, M.D., Chairman
Nardo Buena, M.D., Co-Chairman
Renato Flores, M.D.
Victordio O'Yek, M.D.
Antolin Trinidad, M.D.
Orson Battad, M.D.
Michael Mendoza, M.D.
Agnes Arilla-Alba, M.D., Liaison
Dekiam Ong, M.D., Resource Person
Victorio K. O'Yek, M.D., Chairman
Ned Valen, M.D., Co-Chairman
Belen Gilo, M.D.
Carlos Gotardo, M.D.
Isabel Mirasol, M.D.
Josefina Garcia-Sidig, M.D.
Ana Maria Pasatiempo, M.D.
Edith Regalado, M.D., Liaison
Benjamin Rigor, M.D., Chairman
Samuel Dona, M.D., Co-Chairman
Catherine Dona
Randy Puno, M.D.

Freshnedie J. Valen, M.D., Chairman
Susan Suntay, M.D., Co-Chairman
Ernesto Suguitan, Co-Chairman
Josefina Garcia-Sidig, M.D.
Felix Evangelista,M.D.
Mariano Nasser, Jr., M.D.
Ma. Monina Posa-Kane, M.D.
Myrna Ortega, M.D.
Abner Pasatiempo, M.D.
Esther Querubin, Alliance
Violeta Rigor, Alliance

Teresita Torres, M.D., Chairman
Maria Herrera, M.D., Co-Chairman
Marita Guevarra, M.D.
Elmer Gilo, M.D.
Manuel Mirasol, Esq.
Isabelita B. Casibang, M.D.
Renato Querubin, M.D., Resource Person
El Castro, M.D., Resource Person

Roy Baldomero, M.D., Chairman
Amuerfina Castro, R.N., Co-Chairman
Tina Manio, M.D.
Ana Maria Pasatiempo, M.D.
Andy dela Llana, M.D.
Jacqueline Fabello-Gamiao, M.D.
Rolando Mendoza, M.D.
Marita Guevarra, M.D.

Renato Querubin, M.D., Chairman
Isabelita B. Casibang, M.D., President

Recently Asked Questions

"Since I'm chairman of the Fundraising Committee (FRC) of AFUSA, I can't help but be biased and selfish, so, I'll try to convince you to continue sending your donations to our Alma Mater through the Foundation; otherwise, I'll be remiss of my duty. Let's take your questions one by one and I may have to paraphrase them to fit our discussion." —Dr. Ned Valen, Trustee

  1. AFUSA's function is clearly stated here on our website. It is an independent 501(c)3 tax-exempt entity organized for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes. It was created to give alumni, individuals, and organizations a way to support UERMMMC, the community it serves and our fellowmen. (Please refer to the forwarded copy of my e-mail sent out by Dr. Lamberto "Benching" Tan last October 2, 2008, describing the functions of the Board of Trustees or BOT.)
  2. AFUSA preceded the MAAAI by almost 10 years. The Foundation was incorporated as 501(c)3 nonprofit public charity in New York in 1981; MAAAI was first organized as 501(c)6 social association in Baltimore, Maryland in 1990. It recently converted to 501(c)3 association in 2007. Note: Officers and volunteers of AFUSA saw the need to organize U.S. alumni into a group for social functions such as reunions, CME conventions, and medical missions (not primary functions of AFUSA).

The answer is yes.

  1. AFUSA is about 10 years older than MAAAI, so, it has raised revenues by fundraisers and letter of appeal for donations in the past and at present. The Foundation has now donated more than two million dollars in monies and "gifts-in-kind" (GIK) to the Medical Center since its inception.
  2. Contrary to people's perception, MAAAI is not the major contributor to AFUSA; individual donors provided the bulk of contributions to the Foundation. (See recent data from the Foundation's books as reported by Dr. Gilo.)

    Individual Donors $63,000 (40%) $67,500 (48%) $65,000 (55%) $75,500 (71%)
    Alliance and Friends $7,000 (4%) $4,000 (3%) $10,500 (9%) $17,000 (16%)
    MAAAI $13,000 (8%) $4,000 (3%) $4,000 (3%) NONE

    The significant contribution of MAAAI was the Drug Assistance Program (DAP) or Indigent Fund, a restricted fund started by Dr. Joseph Rostrollo and continued by Drs. Manny Blas and Ed Banez. None has been contributed since.
  3. AFUSA continues to carry on its fundraising campaign. (see attached Fundraising Committee Report of July 1, 2010) The Foundation would like to invite you and the WBA to participate in the planned raffle this July in Newport Beach, California. Please come to the Donor Appreciation Hour.

No, because AFUSA can perform better their mission of providing donations to the Medical Center and MAAAI can concentrate on the needs of alumni.

  1. AFUSA, being the older of the two, has more experience in "handling and disbursing" donations. It has "safeguards" to assure donors that contributions "do not fall in the wrong hands". AFUSA has always maintained a culture of compliance to follow IRS rules and regulations to protect its tax-exempt status and to allow donors to claim tax deductions as allowed by law.
  2. The Foundation is governed by 15 Trustees of the Board (BOT); it doesn't have regular members. Five trustees are elected to 3-year term in successive years to provide smooth transition for operation and management. As a group, it has shared fiduciary responsibility to the Foundation and its mission, and to donors (and the public) that funds raised are spent wisely and specifically to what they are intended for and in accordance to IRS rules and regulations.
  3. In contrast, MAAAI officers are elected and changes every 2 years which will not guarantee a smooth transition. Documentation of donors and beneficiaries and use of donated items can be difficult and could create problems to comply with IRS rules and regulations.

I have been involved in both organizations; I was privileged to serve as host-Chairman of the only Reunion and Convention held in New Orleans Hilton Riverside in 1994. Now, I'm spending some of my retirement (twilight) years "giving something back" to our Alma Mater.

So, Dr. So, I hope I was able to answer your questions and was able to convince you to continue your donation to the Foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The UERMMMC Alumni Foundation was founded on July 15, 1981 and incorporated in the State of New York. It is organized for charitable, educational and scientific purposes. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the Federal Government has determined that the UERMMMC Alumni Foundation is a tax exempt organization described in Section 501(a) and Section 501(C)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. It is recognized by the IRS as a public charity and not as a private foundation. Accordingly, contributions to the UERMMMC Alumni Foundation are tax deductible as allowed by law.

The Foundation has existed for this length of time because of public support (alumni and non-alumni donors, alumni chapters and class donations). The Foundation has always been in compliance with federal and state statutes in addition to meeting the standards set by various watchdog organizations like BBB, NPCCNY, Guidestar. In addition, The Foundation has always been managed by responsible, ethical, transparent and dedicated Board of Trustees and officers.

By law, any individual in the United States can give to any individual, organization or institution in the United States or anywhere in the world. Therefore, one can give directly to the Medical Center. However, the money donation would not be tax deductible.

It is illegal for a foreign incorporated organization and institution or its representative to directly solicit donations to individuals and organizations in the United States. The foreign corporation even though tax exempt in their own country must first be incorporated in any State and with the Federal Government as a charitable organization before it can legally solicit. The UERM Memorial Medical Center (UERMMMC) is included in this category.

The UERMMMC Alumni Foundation was created specifically to give alumni, individuals, and organizations a significant, meaningful and organized way to support the UERMM Medical Center, the community it serves and our fellowmen. Donation through the Alumni Foundation is tax deductible to the extent of the law. As donors, it is your choice how and to whom you want to give.

  1. Support and development of medical education
  2. Support continuing training and retraining of the faculty
  3. Assist in upgrading and expansion of research
  4. Help upgrade therapeutic and diagnostic facility  
  5. Help upgrade teaching facility
  6. Other objectives include Charitable, Scientific, Literary, and Educational within the meaning of  Section 501(C)3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code. The main beneficiary is the UERMMMC.

This is the most important and pertinent question. A large percentage of the funds are spent to the Grants and Awards Program which is the reason why the Foundation exists. A portion of the fund is for Administrative and Operating Expense in order that the Foundation will continue to survive to carry out its mission and goals.

If the donor needs more specific information regarding his/her donation, a formal request should be sent in the form of a letter or email with attached letter addressed to the Office of the Treasurer and cc: President and Chairperson. Using the website, click contact and email our Officers: treasurer, president and chairperson.

Donors receive an acknowledgement letter stating the receipt of their donation with all the information used for tax purposes.

Note: On-line donations immediately generates this acknowledgement letter. If you do not receive the letter within a month, please contact the Treasurer through the website or send email to

Absolutely! A donor can specify the purpose of his/her donation as long as this supports a project(s) of the Foundation.

Note: If the donor does not specify any program or project, this will go to the general fund.

Since the inception of the Foundation, it has complied with the fiduciary and financial regulations of both the State of New York and the Federal Government.. The Financial Reports to the State of New York and the Internal Revenue Service is filed annually and may be reviewed by anyone donor or non-donor as required by law.

The Federal Government Internal Revenue Service Form 990 required to be submitted by all charitable organization is filed annually by the Foundation. A Disclosure Policy had been approved by the Board of the Foundation in compliance with the Federal Regulation of 1999. Hence, the IRS Form 990 could be viewed in the web site for Foundations example is:

The Foundation has an annual external and internal audit of its financial records and documents. External audit is by a certified accountant practicing in New York State. The Foundation with the help of the accountant make sure that it complies with the most recent general accounting and auditing procedures (GAAP) for non-profit organizations.

There are two main reasons for Trustees and the whole Foundation is to diligently carry out their duties. The first reason is to assure the donors that their donations are properly used and disbursed according to their wishes.

The non-compliance to the legal regulations imposed to the Trustees and Foundation can bring about loss of tax exempt status of the Foundation. In addition, the organization and the officer in charge can be fined, penalized and/or be sued for civil and criminal liabilities.

Both organizations are important to accomplish our goals as alumni in the United States. However, each has its own specific function to accomplish the same mission.

Definitely yes. The two organizations are separate legal entities with separate Employee Identification Numbers (EIN).

YES: but need the membership and the responsible, qualified and committed officers.

DEFINITELY YES. A Foundation could be managed by two (2) or three (3) qualified and committed Board of Trustees. The Trustees must be knowledgeable in the Fiduciary and Financial Responsibilities. The Trustees must have the ability to solicit donations from individuals and corporate donors.

The best way to answer the question is to tabulate their differences.

Tax Exempt Status
under the IRS Code
Charitable (Public)
Charitable (Public)
State Incorporated Missouri-2007 New York State-1981
Membership and Officers Officers and Members are graduates of UERM College of Medicine NO MEMBERS

The Officers and Trustees are not necessarily UERM graduates. They must have no civil or criminal records. Must be of good standing and has the ability and time for managing non-profit organization work.

Tax Deductibility of Donations Deductible as business expense (CME) or charitable donation Deductible as charitable contribution*
Administrative, Operating and Management Expense Membership Dues and Fund Raising Donations and Fund Raising

* Please consult your tax advisor.

They have a similar mission of helping the UERMM Medical Center maintain its stature as a premier institution of medical education and health care delivery in the Philippines. One of the purposes of the establishment of the Alumni Association is clearly stated in their Constitution:

“Thru the UERMMMC Alumni Foundation, U.S.A., Inc., to solicit, collect, and receive money and other assets by gifts, contribution, devise and bequest or otherwise and to hold the name in trust for uses and purposes for which this association is organized.” (Article II, Paragraph V of the Constitution and By Laws of the UERMMMC Medical Alumni Association of  America). Hence the Alumni Foundation is functioning as a “charitable arm “of the UERMMMC Medical Alumni Association of  America. This is the main reason for the continued close cooperation and collaboration of the Alumni Foundation and the Medical Alumni Association of America and its Chapters.

The top Colleges and Universities in the United States, Europe, and Asia are in that envious position because of the financial support of the alumni. Without alumni monetary assistance, it is impossible for any educational institution to be considered as an excellent school.

All of these Colleges and Universities have both well organized Alumni Associations and Foundations who closely work hand and hand to give the maximum financial assistance to their institution.

Even with rich (super rich) alumni giving large amounts of gifts to their Alma Mater, the large percentage of money donated to the institution come from alumni who are not wealthy.

Therefore, if an alumni is wealthy he/she can give substantial amount directly to our Alma Mater. The majority of us are not well to do. The best recourse as UERM alumni is to join the Alumni Association (National and Chapter) to help in its humanitarian work. The donations for charitable work that benefit mainly the Medical Center should be channeled thru the Foundation. This process at present is the only best, acceptable and standard process in the World of Philanthropy.

I call upon all UERM medical alumni to try working with both Alumni organizations. Both have existed as a legal entity: the Foundation for twenty-one (21) years and the Association for fourteen (14) years that we can be successful in our common goal of helping our Alma Mater. We hope that all of us will join the same bandwagon.

  • Scholarships, Grants and Awards
  • Faculty Development
  • Research/Publication
  • Conferences
  • Residents Award
  • Community Service
  • Library and Share Educational Materials
  • Recycling For Charity (Donation in kind)
  • Adopt Program and “Wish List”

Contact us for any questions, comments or suggestions.