Apply for a Grant

In a continuing effort by the foundation to help recipients at UERMMMC obtain funding, the following is the process that must be followed per current regulations before any project can be supported.

Steps Required to Request Funding

IMPORTANT: You must have Adobe Reader© installed on your computer to view the PDF documents.

Step 1 - Grant Application Submission

Please read the PROCESS FLOW DIAGRAM before proceeding. Then download the applicable form below, fill it out and submit to the Dean’s Office along with all necessary supporting papers. The dean reviews the completed application and submits it to the Alumni Foundation for final action.

Step 2 - Processing Grant Requests

The Alumni Foundation processes the application according to this PROCESS FLOW DIAGRAM. The applicant will be notified of the AFUSA Board’s approval of the request for funding, either by the Dean or directly by the Alumni Foundation, via email if the applicant has an email address on file.

Step 3 - Disbursement of Grants

The funds are disbursed by the AFUSA Treasurer to the Dean. In turn, the Dean notifies the applicant (recipient) of the availability of the funds at the UERMMMC Treasurer’s Office. Please review the PROCESS FLOW DIAGRAM and follow the final steps—acknowledgement and evaluation—in the funding process.

The recipient has 90 days from the receipt of funding to submit to AFUSA through the Dean’s Office, the Acknowledgement of the Receipt and Evaluation of Funding forms below. A delay or failure to comply with this step disqualifies the recipient from any future funding for a period of one year.