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Dr. Wilmer G. Heceta 333 Endowment Fund

1st Heceta Memorial Lecture


Dr. Estherbelle Heceta delivers the 1st Heceta Memorial Lecture.

Heceta family looks on.

Standing ovation!

AFUSA Vice-Chair Roy Baldomero thanks Dra. Heceta on behalf of sponsoring class.

Dra. Heceta with Dean Tan-Reyes, President Divinagracia,
AFUSA Chair Casibang and Class 1973.

With Heceta family, 1961 classmates and Dr. Susan Suntay.

Dra. Heceta with the AFUSA trustees and officers.

Wilmer G. Heceta, M.D., An Alumnus for All Seasons

Dr. Wilmer Heceta, '61, indeed has been a pioneer. Twenty-nine years ago, led by a deep sense of gratitude and inspired by the vision of a great medical institution, he worked with others to start the alumni foundation. After planting the seed of this entity, he nurtured its growth and has seen to its vitality. He has always been around at annual meetings and conventions to lend his wise counsel and cheerful support. He genuinely gets to know you, more so if you are a younger graduate.

When Dr. Heceta established the 333 Fund which we now call the Wilmer Heceta Endowment Fund, he envisioned a perpetual source of funds for worthy projects at UERM. His formula: 300 alumni(3) each giving $300 a year(3) for 3 years aims to raise at least $270,000.

Dr. Heceta models selflessness and sacrificial giving when he donated his SSS check to the Disaster Relief Fund following Typhoon Ondoy. He faithfully pays the life insurance he has taken out for the benefit of the alumni foundation.

Download the 333 Donation Form or Donate Online.

Valedictorian, Pioneer Class 1961

Leading the Alumni Foundation as Chairman

AFUSA's Early Top Three Chairmen
Chairman Heceta, President Rabadam and Treasurer Tan

Exhorting the Board, New York 2009

Celebrating the Golden Jubilee

Plaque from grateful alumni, 1997

Plaque from grateful alunmi, 1999

Plaque from grateful alumni, 2007

January 2014

Dear Fellow Alumni, and Friends of UERMMMC:

Two years ago, January 23, 2012, we lost probably the most respected and admired alumnus of our school, Wilmer G. Heceta, M.D. He was considered by many as the UERM alumni ICON and to others, the ICON of the entire UERMMMC community.

Dr. Heceta was the first magna cum laude graduate and valedictorian of the pioneer class of 1961. He is remembered for his unquestionable loyalty and commitment to our Alma Mater. During his four 3-year terms (12 years) as Chairman of UERMMMC Alumni Foundation USA, Inc. (AFUSA), he was forward-thinking and mission-driven mentor who guided the Foundation to provide significant monetary and material assistance to our Medical Center.

He created and promoted his 333 Fund which is now re-named the Dr. Wilmer G. Heceta 333 Endowment Fund. His idea was to convince at least 300 alumni and friends to donate $333 or more for 3 years to complete a commitment. The Fund is an endowment so the principal amount is preserved and whatever investment-proceeds or interests-earned by the Fund will be a perpetual source of revenue to donate for the urgent needs of the Medical Center. Dr. Heceta appealed to donors by saying, “please, contribute a dollar a day to my Fund to help our Alma Mater”.

Let us transform Dr. Heceta’s dream into reality. Let us heed his appeal by contributing $1,000 or by installment of $333 for 3 years. Be one of 300 alumni and friends to join our newly-formed 333 CLUB to honor his memory.

The Foundation greatly appreciates your tax-deductible contribution to the “Dr. Wilmer G. Heceta 333 Endowment Fund” payable to UERMMMC Alumni Foundation, Inc. or UERMMMC AFUSA, INC. Donations can be sent to:

UERMMMC Alumni Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 2154
Bedford Park, IL 60499-2154

Or Via Foundation website:

Please help our Alma Mater maintain her mission of providing excellent health education and relevant health care delivery in the Philippines.

Gratefully yours,

F. J. 'Ned' Valen, M.D.
Chairman, Fundraising
Classmate and Spouse
Estherbelle A. Heceta, M.D.
Honorary Chairman
Isabelita B. Casibang, M.D.
Chairman of AFUSA

Dr. Suntay lights the memorial candle.

Dr. Casibang gives opening remarks.

Dr. Valen pays an emotional tribute to Dr. Heceta.

Dr. Elma delivers the main memorial message.

Mrs. Querubin extinguishes the memorial candle.